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    Many federal judicial opinions and other legal resources are available, for free, at findlaw.com and lexisone.com, and also from a cornucopia of other sources collected, e.g., at virtualchase.com.

    Here are pages for the Federal Rules of Evidence, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

    In evaluating Daubert issues, the federal courts frequently consult the Federal Judicial Center's Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, now in its second edition.

    Also worth a look is the FJC's Manual for Complex Litigation (Fourth).

    A less well known but nevertheless worthy resource is the State Justice Institute's Judge's Deskbook on the Basic Philosophies and Methods of Science.

    The National Traffic Law Center has gone to the trouble of developing a convenient chart identifying which state court systems had adopted Daubert as of 1999.  The Huron Consulting Group has done the same as of 2004.

    The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct offer guidance to the troubled soul.

    To view or download some of these materials, you may first need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Some other Daubert-related sites (no warranties, express or implied):

abanet.org   Daubert and environmental cases
Atlantic Legal Foundation   champions of exclusion
bailey-law.com   constitutional issues
baseball-almanac.com   Jake Daubert's career stats
baseball-almanac.com   Harry Daubert's career stat
Beecher-Monas & Garcia-Rill   Daubert and predicting dangerousness
Berkeley Tech. L.J.   law, justice, science, truth
books.nap.edu   DNA evidence
bracepatt.com   Daubert in Texas
brainevaluation.com   Daubert and forensic neuropsychology
bucklin.org   some helpful material from a practitioner       
Christine Corcos   a heterodox perspective
Craig M. Cooley   Daubert in Illinois
cvcsc.com   toxic torts
cyber.law.harvard.edu   Harvard's Judicial Gatekeeping Project
daubertexpert.com   Daubert and business litigation
David Bernstein   why states should jettison Frye
David Bernstein   why nonscientific experts are suspect
David Bernstein   standards for medical malpractice testimony  
David Bernstein   the Daubert trilogy in the state courts
David Bernstein   Daubert in asbestos cases
D. Berger & J. Beyea   proposals for reform
dcyale.com   Daubert and computers
defendingscience.org   scientists on Daubert's demerits
D. Michael Risinger, et al.   Daubert, forensics, and observer effects
D.S. Caudill & L.H. Larue   a postmodern take
emlf.org   more on Daubert and environmental law
envinfo.com   beating toxic tort claims
envinfo.com   more on same
fd.org   resources for criminal defense
fd.org   outline collecting criminal cases
fd.org   fingerprints
fdli.org   more on toxic torts
fdli.org   still more on toxic torts
firechief.com   Daubert and arson investigation
fjc.gov   Federal Judicial Center study
forensic-evidence.com   forensics
forensicpage.com   more on forensics
ftc.gov   Daubert and patents
ftc.gov   Daubert and merger simulation
gmu.edu   examining expert witnesses
happybob.com   res ipsa loquitur
Ireland, Johnson, & Taylor   hedonic damages
J.A. Moreno   Daubert and child abuse
jdmalpractice.com   malpractice considerations
Judge Gibbons   appellate review
junkscience.com   nothing is dangerous
keanmiller.com   thoughts on depositions
kicon.com   champions of inclusion
kspope.com   recovered memory
law.duke.edu   judicial review of agency science
law.georgetown.edu   Daubert an improvement?
mcguirewoods.com   Daubert in Virginia
mdexonline.com   fee-based Daubert material
Meagher v. Epstein   NPR radio debate on fingerprints
mobar.net   some procedural points
nap.edu   National Academy report
nctrial.com   Daubert in North Carolina
nol.org   Daubert in Nebraska
onin.com   more on fingerprints
Quesada & McCracken   when vehicles crash
rand.org   Rand study
sado.org   criminal defense in Michigan (video)
Schaffer Library on Drug Policy   alcohol breathalyzer tests
ScienceDirect   scientific journals online
scirus.com   search engine for scientific info only
sddla.com   Daubert in South Dakota
stlr.stanford.edu   "junk science" as junk concept
Susan Haack   an epistemological take
toxictorts.com   Daubert in California
uow.edu   science and juries
Va. J.L. & Tech.   cell phones and radiation
vocecon.com   lost earning capacity
wcl.american.edu   Daubert and civil rights litigation

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