Monday, January 30, 2006

A Definitive Solution to the Pronunciation Riddle

Up until now, we had been forced to base our views on how to pronounce "Daubert" on information available from reliable secondary literature.

But now, a definitive answer can be given. We are honored to have heard from Jason Daubert himself, who says: "I have always found it easiest to suggest folks try pronouncing 'Dogbert' without the g."


Anonymous writes ...

But as I have heard "dog" pronounced dawg, dowg, dahg, dogue, ad nauseum, have we advanced?

8:35 PM  
Jason Daubert writes ...

Ahhhh, good point. 'DAW-bert' is how I pronounce it, if that helps!

1:18 PM  
Stephanie writes ...

Wow. THE Jason Daubert? I've been looking for you...I'm a journalist writing a book that includes a chapter on your famous case and I would love to interview you for it. Would you mind getting in touch with me? Thanks very much.

Stephanie Mencimer

7:42 PM  

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