Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Steady March of Blogs

Google used to think that our parent site, Daubert on the Web, was more important than this weblog. Until recently, its page rank for the parent site was 6, as opposed to 5 for this weblog.

Now Google thinks Then Google thought the opposite. The page rank for the main site has now fallen to 5, whereas the page rank for this weblog has had risen to 6.

But now, just a few hours later, the weblog is back to 5 again, with no compensatory bounce to 6 for the main site.

Is this a sign of increasing weblog hegemony chaos and unpredictability in modern life, or merely a rejiggered Google algorithm? We're going to try not to think about it too much not going to think about this anymore, at all.


Anonymous writes ...

And now the main page is #1 for "Daubert" and the blog isn't even in the top ten.

For the search "Daubert +blog", the blog is #2 and the main site is #3.

The Google algorithm, from what I understand, gives weight to recently updated pages on the theory that someone is more likely to be looking for a frequently updated page than for a static page. -- TF

6:42 PM  

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