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It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of Peter Nordberg.

Mr. Nordberg was the creator, owner, operator, and driving force behind both Daubert on the Web

and Blog 702.  He passed away suddenly on April 17, 2010.

Several months have now passed since Peter's death and I have just now begun to wrap myself around this new world without him in it.

Peter was a perfectionist in the best, and worst, sense of the word.  BUT... he told me time and time again not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  So... with that in mind, I have come up with a plan.  it may not be the right plan.. it may not be the perfect plan... it may not even be a good plan ... but it is a plan, one step forward out of the abyss.  I have always been the webmaster for the site, and I will continue to be, but I am not qualified to keep it up to date.

Peter's dream for this site was to have information available to anyone who needed it free of charge, in a format that was easy to follow and easily accessed.  I would LOVE to keep that dream alive.  For that, I need help.  I am not an attorney, I am simply the widow and webmaster.  To keep this site alive, get it up to date, and keep it going, I am going to need TONS of volunteers.  Anyone who feels that they are qualified to help in anyway, should contact me (the webmaster) about what you can or are willing to do.  It is not possible for me to try and fill Peter's shoes here and I am not going to try.  What I am going to attempt, is to get the FEDERAL cases up to date, if that is possible, and let the State cases go for now.  Simply stated ... I cannot do it alone. 

Peter loved the Beatles, and I will borrow and hope not to offend.  It is my hope that this site can "get by with a little help" from Peter's friends.

Mrs. Peter Nordberg

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